Gaia Agates * Ronna Jewett * 6152 Mia Vista Dr., Reno Nevada 89502 * (714) 322-7828

To place an order for an agate simply send me an email with the code number.
Send it to
Thank you for your order !
I accept payment in the following ways:
     1) Checks or money orders.  Please send the payment to:
Ronna Jewett
6152 Mia Vista Dr
Reno, NV 89502
     2) I can accept credit cards - AMEX, VISA, MASTER CARD & DISCOVER CARD.
         Visit my encrypted and secure page here:  Gaia Agates Credit Card Submission
     3) I can accept payment through Pay Pal.  You can either make payments to:
          or request me to send you a Pay Pal invoice.
Again,  Thank you for your order!
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